Why Use Glass?


There has been a rise in food and beverage produces that are concerned about the environmental footprint their company leaves. With many of health and environmental benefits of glass being unknown to the public, here at Pattesons we thought it would be a good idea to share some.

Glass removes the chance of chemical transfer.

Unlike plastic containers, glass does not contain harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A or Latex. Due to the nature of glass no chemicals can be released into the beverage or food product meaning your product will retain its taste and flavour without contamination. Often food and drink products can be tainted by the leached chemicals Plastics and other packaging contain which can be removed by simply using glass.

Glass Legislation.

With legislation for packaging materials becoming stricter, glass surpasses all others being the only material exempt from REACH registration and becoming the only material to receive GRAS classification from the American FDA.

Glass benefits the Environment.

One unknown fact about glass often forgotten about is its ability to be 100% recycled without losing it strength, purity or quality. Not only does glass remove the chance of contamination it can be used to protect products from ultra violet light. As glass is made from natural materials its impact on the environment is small meaning it’s the safer option for companies.

Pattesons Range.

Glass containers give the impression of class and are often used for premium product ranges. At Pattesons we offer a highly versatile selection of jars and bottle in both wholesale and buyonline quantities. Our glass jar range starts from 1oz mini jars up to our largest jar at 2372ml and our bottle range starts from 40ml to 1000ml.