Warehousing and storage skills

Pattesons are pleased to announce 6 members of staff have completed their level 2 (QCF) training in warehousing and storage. The programme recognises the skills and knowledge needed to work in or develop a career in this sector. The qualification covers a range of activates carried out by the warehouse team on any given day and shows Pattesons continued commitment to develop the skills within the workforce.

The programme covers the following areas:
Heath, safety and security work.
Developing effective working relationships with colleagues in logistic operations.
Processing orders.
Wrapping and packing of goods.
Hygiene standards.
Equipment usage.
Forklift training.
Stock control.
Processing returned goods.
Recycling and disposal of goods.

We would like to thank the Grimsby institute for their continued support as well as thank all the members of staff who took part in the training programme.