5 amazing “dessert in a jar” recipes

Desserts in jars are the in thing at the moment and the internet is full of great recipes. From cheesecakes to a pie, a dessert in a jar is a fantastic treat for special occasions and wedding favours or just pop one in your kid’s school pack-up (or your own).

Cupcake in a jar

Do it yourself style cupcake in a jar. A really easy to follow recipe  from  Cakies blog making your cupcakes more visually appealing.


Pie in a jar

Pies in a jar show the lengths of creativity you can go to with a dessert in a jar. The idea doesn’t have to stop with dessert pies, any pies would work  great.  But as we are covering desserts – here is a great recipe for an  apple pie in a jar that can go straight from your freezer to the oven to ready to eat.


Cheesecake in a jar

A treat for any occasion. With the strawberry season on us pick some fresh strawberries, create your homemade cheesecake and keep them preserved through the summer months in a sealed jar. A great idea to sit next to your jams at trade fairs.


Brownies in a jar

We all love brownies! Especially double chocolate with caramel icing brownies!  Serve cold or warm them in the oven and let the chocolate melt, need i say more!


Blueberry teacake in a jar

A recipe from Sarah Cucina Bella’s blog demonstrating the process of cooking in a jar. The blueberry teacake’s layers and textures visible through the jar adds a new interesting depth to the presentation of this sweet treat.