Canning for beginners

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Ever needed help preserving your jams and preventing spoiling? If this is the case this article will be essential moving forward. We have a number of recipes you can follow for jams and chutneys so why not check out our other blogs.
Canning basics for beginners
If you are canning for the first time you need to be aware of the two techniques used. To ensure minimal wastage of foods such as jams, chutneys and fruits (acidic food) you are best of using the water bath canning method.

Water Bath Canning

If you have already brought your jars from Pattesons they will not need to be sterilised but for those who haven’t you can sterilise your jars in hot soapy water or even by placing them in the dish washer. Once sterilised you are nearly ready to fill, to prevent cracking when hot filling it is advisable to pre heat the jars in either a pan or container of hot water. (Remember to leave out any lids)

Now it’s time to prepare your water bath, if you don’t already have one you can use a sauce pan or large pot as long as you can immerse each jar completely (1-2 inches under the water suffice)
With boiling water comes the danger of burns so when removing the jars we advise you use protective clothing and equipment to prevent injury. Once removed, remove any excess water before filling with your jams and chutneys. (Remember not to over fill)

With your jars now filled add the caps and wipe clean. Next place your jars into the canner ensuring that all jars are fully submerged. Your recipe will indicated the allotted time needed so make sure you are aware of this before starting, remember not forget to bring your jams to rolling boil before placing on the water bath.

We are almost there, leave your jars to cool for 5-10 minutes before removing. Once removed allow for between 12-24 hours before checking the lids have sealed. (We advise you leave your jars overnight so you’re not waiting around.) If the jars have been correctly canned your jams could be preserved for up to 9-12 months even more dependent on ingredients.

Recommended jars.

Here at Pattesons we recognise the importance of using the right jar for your product. With a wide range of jars available we recommend the 8oz hexagonal jar or even the 190ml panelled jar for canning jobs. If you feel your jars deserve that high quality look why not try our Merlino or limoncello jars.
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