Candle in a jar (the perfect valentine’s day gift)

With Valentine’s Day only round the corner and time running out, we have the perfect solution for that personalised gift for a loved one. One simple but effective gift that can tailor to your needs could be a homemade candle in a jar. So for that extra romantic night why not use your very own homemade candles to lighten up the night. With the bulk nature of candles you will have plenty left over to treat friends and families if that special someone isn’t there this year, so why not give it a go.

What will you need?

- Soy wax flakes
- Wax colorant
- A wooden spoon
- Wicks and stickums
- Sticks and rubber bands
- Scented oils
- Jars (choose from our range)

How to make the candles

1. Smooth the wicks with your fingers and cut each wick to size. This should ideally be the size of the jar from base to top with a little extra which can be cut off at the end.

2. Fasten the wick to the stickum making sure you place it in the centre of the chosen jar.

3. You can use many items for this process from a pencil to stick, simply place the item (stick) across the lip of the jar attaching the wick in order to keep it upright after the wax has set.

4. Melt your wax on a low heat and stir repeatedly. One key tip is not to allow it to boil.

5. This is the time where you can tailor your candles, add your colouring and scent to the melted wax. We recommend your favourite colour and scent, if not you could always go with red to fit the time of year.

6. You have between 20-30mins to sit back and relax while the wax cools before pouring into your chosen jar.  (tip the wax needs to be of a thick consistency)

7. Your almost there cut the wicks to the desired length and add any decorations to personalise your candle. A simple ribbon round the neck of the jar will do wonders or add a label with a personalised messaged.