Homemade Halloween Mummy

Halloween is only round the corner are you prepared? If you’re looking to decorate your house, office or work place why not try this simple and easy way of bringing Halloween to you at a low cost. This homemade Mummy  is a great way to engage with the festive spirit and it will only takes 10 minutes of your time.


Items needed 

  • 10oz Facetted
  • Cheesecloth or gauze
  • Adhesive (Glue or double sided tape)
  • 1 pair of googly eyes
  • brown ink
  • scissors

Preparation method

Step 1: Cut the cheesecloth into strips about 2 inches wide. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the bottom of the jar and begin to wind the cheesecloth strips around the jar–overlapping each strip as you go. Add a bit of adhesive every so often to keep the cheesecloth in place.

Step 2: With a strong adhesive, glue the googly eyes to the front of the wrapped jar.

Step 3: With a q-tip, ink the edges of the strips of cheesecloth to make the mummy look old.

Extra: why not put a candle inside and watch it glow.

Happy Halloween from the whole of the Pattesons Team. Extra: why not put a candle inside and watch it glow.